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    Jo Chamberlain

Neal Training

I work at the Village Health club in Caterham as a Fitness instructor/personal trainer. I first heard of ARNI when my boss brought me one of ARNII’s flyer’s and asked me if was something that would be of interest to me. Interestingly, he had been at primary school with Tom! I was instantly excited about Dr Tom Balchin’s work and the prospect of being involved in such worthwhile cause.

Tom came to the club to give me a day of one to one intensive training involving the Arni Programme Training Techniques. I was immediately impressed by his enthusiasm and commitment being living proof of what can be achieved.

I found the day extremely interesting, informative and fun, Tom was very friendly and personable although I was pretty exhausted by the end of it!
Now I am looking forward to learning more and training real stroke survivors soon, I am sure its going to be very enjoyable and rewarding.