Welcome New Stroke Survivors

Most ARNI Instructors are actively working with a couple of stroke survivors each, usually one a one to one basis. There are far too many applicants to mention, but mentioned here are some dedicated regulars who are proud of ARNI and have asked us to put their names up on our site. So we have:


Rosie (47)

from Brighton, is working hard on her paretic arm: she wants to send a message to other stroke survivors reading the ARNI website that ‘… it can be done… lots and lots of repetitions will help you reduce spasticity. Definitely find an ARNI trainer who has been through the L4 course to show you how to do this’. Thanks Sandra…your praise of our instructors is very kind… I know you will achieve as much function as you can with that hand.


Kane (15)

from Brands Hatch, had a stroke when he was 2. Now he is training with the Director, Tom. Kane is doing amazingly well, and in three weeks of training has found his hand movements have become significantly smoother, and worked up to lifting a 50kg dumbbell from the floor for two strict deadlifts the other day – incredible! Go Kane!


Leiske (31)

from Royal Leamington Spa -is one of our favourite original ARNI stroke survivors from 2002. Unfortunately had another stroke in 2007 and cannot travel Luckily we were match her with our Instructor, Bill Bridgeman. A student from Middlesex University, Gemma, is also travelling to see her every week to shadow our Instructor.


Graham (56)

is training at Acton, and is proving to be very dedicated on the training mat- in the first two weeks, he has learned how to get up and down from the floor, and after two months is walking without his two sticks. He also supports ARNI by putting flyers everywhere and visiting hospitals and associations on our behalf. Thanks Graham…


Wayne (34)

has started training in Isleworth (October) and is probably our most dedicated trainee yet. He is very able – and demonstrated this on his first day with 50 finger-tip press-ups! Awesome stuff, and considering his time in a coma, a shining example of what can be done with internal motivation to get better.



is our latest member at ARNI in May, and in her first two sessions she learned how to get up from the ground (in three different ways!) She is a big star, and she is going to show what can be done when a seriously motivated person comes to train with the full intention of recovering her former movement. You will succeed.