Welcome to the UK ARNI Institute website for stroke survivors and families: providing specialist rehabilitation and exercise support after hospital and community physiotherapy finishes.
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Locate Instructors

Locate Instructors for Functional Rehabilitation & Exercise Training after Stroke

instructor1 - Locate Instructors - Stroke Exercise TrainingWe have over 100 Instructors throughout the UK and Southern Ireland ready and waiting to train with you to assist with functional limitations.

These instructors have all been through the 2009-2018 Functional Rehabilitation & Exercise Training after Stroke Qualification Instructors are fully insured to train stroke survivors via the National Register of Professional Trainers or the ARNI specialised cover.

It is now necessary to email the ARNI Institute or phone us in order that we may perform a matching service.

Please got to the Contact Us page and get in touch with us so that we can find out how we can best help your needs.

All information you give us for matching to instructors is strictly confidential.