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'Where hospital and local community resources trail off, there is still a huge need for functional rehabilitation and from our very first contact with Dr Tom Balchin, we have been convinced that the ARNI programme fits the bill' - Jonathon

Having a stroke can turn your life upside down. The hospital saved your life, but where do you go from here?

Unless you happen to live near a qualified ARNI method instructor, learning the physiotherapy exercises and coping technique you need to get your life back can be a difficult process.

That was UNTIL NOW! From 2019 you can connect with a qualified ARNI method instructor over a secure video conferencing system (compatible with all modern computers/browsers/tabletpcs) who will guide you through upper limb rehab sessions and answer all your other questions as if they are right there in the room with you.

And if cost is a barrier, without travel time/costs, online telerehab sessions represent a more cost effective way to get the help you need.

In the past, not having easy access to a certified instructor has often been a major roadblock in a stroke/neurological injury patient's recovery. The ARNI UK charity can now connect you with the expertise you need to regain your independence and your life.

Do you suffer from -

  • Spasticity in your hand?
  • Foot drop?
  • Lack of strength?
  • Mobility issues?

Your own hard work and determination... a trained ARNI instructor is the MOST POWERFUL WAY (backed by clinical research) to regain that precious gift of strength and mobility.

Testimonials from Survivors working with our Instructors:

'Sally hadn't moved her right arm for thirteen months... ... Within a few minutes Dr Tom had her lifting her arm & gripping small objects, lifting them in the air, down & back to the table!' - Sally

'Spending the previous six months, laying in bed with hardly any physio, meeting Gabi was a breath of fresh air. From the very start she has given me confidence and hope, and had me on my feet from the very first session!' - Jackie

'Give ARNI a try, you will soon see tangible results." - Eric

Read more of our hundreds of full testimonials by clicking here. Then come back to this page and do the same for yourself with ARNI home based rehab.

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    As stroke survivor and ARNI patient Elizabeth put it:
    'Whatever life throws at you, you can do it, nothing is impossible.'