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Bill Bridgeman

  • Bill Bridgeman

Sportsbilly Personal Training

Thanks for a really inspiring, informative and motivating day on Sunday. I have my own fitness business and have been working with clients with previous head injuries and wanted to develop my knowledge practically and theoretically.It was fantastic meeting and listening to stroke survivors like yourself, Graham and Margot. Just seeing the achievement of them standing up from the floor was truly fantastic to watch and everyone in the room felt the same I’m sure.

The whole day helped me appreciate how valuable your work is and also some of the difficulties stroke survivors face. I really would like to continue with remaining parts of the ARNI trust award and as a consequence and do something to help other stroke survivors.

In short – a brillliant day well worth travelling a round trip of 6 hours!

Bill Bridgeman BA(Hons) MSc.PGCE – current physical education teacher and manager,ex-senior examiner and nationally registered personal trainer. Qualified coach in a number of sports. 16 years experience in the fitness industry and PE teaching from middle school to tertiary level.