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Binders Roszczyk

  • Binders Roszczyk

I am a phase IV cardiac-rehabilitation coach working in Reading and exercising over 100 heart patients each week in the community, several whom have suffered strokes as well. I have been increasingly frustrated that I could see the stroke survivors needs were far greater and more complicated than I was able to provide, but I did not have the knowledge to help them.
Then I received and e-mail from Dr. Tom Balchin, founder of the ARNI Trust, which was offering me a place on a course which would eventually gain me the ARNI award.

After a few initial enquiries I was all signed up and off I went to attend the first part.
I have to say I was really impressed at what Tom had developed through his own experience as a stroke survivor and was made to realise the problems stroke survivors face from day to day. Tasks that we all take for granted such as getting up from the floor are a complete `no no` for many stroke survivors, but not when Tom gets his hands on them. Indeed, two of his pupils (Graham and Margot) were there on the day, confidently and proudly demonstrated their new skills to an appreciative round of applause! Graham said he felt quite elated the first time he got himself up from the floor following his stroke. I came away feeling quite excited and enthused about what I had learned and am now looking forward to the second part in the summer.