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Darren Essex

  • Darren Essex

Active 4 Health

I initially became involved with Arni after receiving an e-mail from Tom back in June 2007 after he found my details on the National Register of Personal Trainers website.

Tom spoke about the work he was doing and what he had planned for expanding the programme to make it more accessible to people around the country. I attended the initial training day along with other personal trainers from around the country not really knowing what to expect.The day was very enlightening and I was really keen to find out more about the training with stroke survivors. Tom explained about his own situation and his involvement with the charity and other key people.

All the personal trainers took part in a class situation with Tom explaining some of the methods used during his training. We also met Master Lee who took us through some Chi Quong exercises which can be adapted for stroke survivors. I have since returned to Acton to visit and assist with one of Toms classes and am now very keen to use my existing skills as a very experienced personal trainer with over 14 year experience to train stroke survivors in my local area.

I am now looking forward to the next part of my training with Tom in October so I can begin using my skills to help more Stroke survivors.