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Marilyn Gray

  • Marilyn Gray

Thanks again for Sunday’s enlightenment!

I first learned about Arni when I was contacted by Dr Tom Balchin and persuaded by his relentless enthusiasm to attend a seminar about the possibility of training stroke survivors. It was with curiosity mixed with slight apprehension – I know nothing about stroke rehabilitation – that I set out for Acton Town on June 24th.

I needn’t have worried: the whole afternoon was both enlightening and inspiring.

Tom’s introduction to Arni’s aims and achievements, based on his personal experience, aroused firstly, great admiration for his dedication in getting the best out of himself and other stroke survivors, and secondly, the realisation that, due to the limitations of NHS care and support for people who have had strokes, there was a potential part for me to play.

The most useful part of the seminar was undoubtedly witnessing the stroke survivors’ own achievements. The demonstration of some simple techniques that had helped them in their progress made me realise that you do not need a lot of specialised equipment to get started – just care, motivation and encouragement.

I enjoyed the session with Master Lee, but am still unsure how to fit that into a rehab programme, although I can see the importance of body awareness, balance and energy in helping people who have had strokes.

I look forward to the next step – participating in a group training session – which will tell if I am a suitable candidate for the Bridging the Gap initiative. If there is any way I can make a difference too, then I must at least have a go.
So, thank you Tom, for a most unusual but enriching way of spending a rainy Sunday afternoon!

Marilyn Gray – Personal trainer

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