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Michael Woodcock

  • Michael Woodcock

I would just like to say how innovative and insightful Tom’s stroke rehab course has been. He started our class by first introducing himself as a stroke survivor. He told us his story about how he came to have a stroke and the battle he faced getting on the road to recovery. However this event later became a source of inspiration enabling him to set up the ARNI group.
This seminar was very enlightening as prior to it I had no idea that a young person could experience a stroke especially if they are in good health. He also gave great info on the subject of ‘Neural plasticity’. Research has shown that if one area of the brain becomes damaged as a result of a stroke or another trauma, another part can take over that same function providing the appropriate techniques are available to the client, which is where ARNI comes in.
I have learned some great skills which have many practical benefits to a stroke survivor such as being able to get up and down to the floor, gait awareness but most importantly the ability to fall safely to the floor which is very important in light of the fact that many survivors suffer dangerous falls as a result of their reduced mobility.
On a last note I would recommend ARNI training to anyone in physiotherapy and other medical sectors involved in rehabilitation. The training involved gives professionals the chance to learn real techniques which work towards improving the outcomes of people who have suffered a stroke and enabling them to live a fuller life.