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Micky McKay

  • Micky McKay


As I am training a client who has similar traits of a stroke victim I thought it would be a great help to me. What brought my attention to this was that this client had suffered from an infection of the brain that had put her In a coma. Now recovering she approached me to help her with rehab ie strength training in which she benefits from greatly. I was reluctant to take her as a client to begin in case of any medical implications but after a lot of research and medical help I happy to say it has worked out well.

This led me to thinking how many others out there have had similar situations that need professional help.

I attended Sunday with my employee and Upon arriving at the venue we were greeted at the door and made to feel really welcome by Tom and his staff. Knowing nothing about stroke victims and their rehab I found the course very interesting and informative. The the day was interesting and really informative. We are looking forward to progressing further by completing part 2 on strength training.

What Tom is trying and has achieved is really great his enthusiasm for what he is trying to achieve is truly inspirational to us all. I am looking forward to learning more and possibly training stroke victims very soon!!

Micky McKay is competing bodybuilder (Mr Universe Finalist 2005). His company, Fitness 121 has been running since April 2002, helping many people from different walks of life to improve their level of fitness and health.