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Peter Sleight

  • Peter Sleight

Fit Fast Trainers

My name is Peter Sleight and I own the company Fit Fast Trainers. I first heard about the ARNI Trust when I received an email from Tom about the course. I get emails every day about different course but this one really stood out from the rest. It was all about the people who really need our help, stroke survivors. My grandmother passed away early 2008 from a stroke, maybe which could have been prevented if she had the right care.

The ARNI Trust is all about teaching qualified Personal Trainers the right skills to help people like her and give them the care they need. The course I attend was very interesting with some really great people who want to help and make a difference. Tom brought in to the class all types of strength and conditioning equipment, kettlebells, grippers and even a simple stick, which as he demonstrated was one of the most useful pieces of equipment to have. Teaching the stroke survivor how to hold and grip things is so important, which I would never of known until I attended the ARNI Trust course.

This course is highly recommended and is a must for all personal trainers.
Thanks Tom for giving me this opportunity.