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Zita Alves

  • Zita Alves

As a member of the National Register of Personal Trainers I first heard about the ARNI Trust through an email that was sent inviting us to take part in some training designed specifically to help stroke survivors get back to normal life as much as possible.

I had been training a client who had previously had a stroke and the pleasure I received from him finally reaching his goal of being able to have a bath (ie the strength and confidence to get in and out on his own) after 2 years was fantastic. This led me to sign up and come to the first seminar in London in April.

Being England of course it snowed heavily that morning which made the journey from Bath even tougher but definitely worthwhile. The energy and enthusiasm from Tom was amazing as indeed it was on the second seminar in July. Meeting some of his ARNI clients and seeing them demonstrate some of the basic life skills some of us take for granted was a real eye opener and encouraged me to come back to learn more. I was very pleased to see kettlebells on the strength training seminar, as well as bits of equipment I didn’t even know existed!

I have NO doubt that if I have any questions Tom will be there to share his knowledge and experience, which is what is all about. If you feel that you would like to give something back to the community and help people that have had a stroke regain better function then give Tom a call – I’d be very surprised if after talking to him you won’t feel excited about joining the ARNI family. Thanks Tom


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