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Zoe Howard

  • Zoe Howard

As a student physiotherapist, I was very excited when my friend Barry, who weight trains with Tom, told me about the ARNI Trust and about Tom’s rehabilitation program for stroke survivors. I was in immediate contact with Tom and I thought that his experience and program would be extremely complimentary to my studies. He invited me to attend a day’s seminar that it turnerd out he was running that very weekend.

When I arrived, I was given a warm welcome by Tom himself, he immediately made me feel relaxed and at ease. There were four of us attending the course that day and as a small group it was friendly and unintimidating. The format of the day was informal but packed with lots of information about Toms mission and about how the Trust itself evolved from his own disappointing experience with the rehabilitation that was(nt) available to him after his own stroke survival.

We soon moved quickly onto the crux of what ARNI is about…the rehabilitation process and Toms unique approach to self-rehab….functional task-practice – stabilility and movement – combined with stroke specific weight training!! His ideas (and weights.. lol ) are groundbreaking, and this program of rehab is definitely aimed at those who are not willing to allow their stroke to hold them back from living life to the full despite their setback!! However, you most certainly do not need to be a body builder to benefit from his approach!! This programme is designed for the stroke survivor who can hardly move… and all stages of development up to the very advanced stroke survivor.. Everything is there, and Tom has just written a 340 page book detailing the techniques, which we were able to go through.

Tom himself is an inspirational coach!! … and he really does inject his enthusiasm and determination into his seminars and training!! I went back for a full day intensive training a week later and received the ARNI Trust Tripartite certificate and now look forward to refining my training technique with Tom so that I can use my knowledge and experience with ARNI to better my future practice as a physio!! We are looking at arranging one-to-one work experience with some stroke survivors…

Thanks again Tom!!