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Sally Furnell

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Hi Tom and fellow trainers,
I’ ve been training Pat for over a year now and over that time she has acheived many small victories and I always leave our sessions feeling good.

Howeve, last Thursday I turned up feeling a bit sorry for myself as earlier in the day I tweaked a muscle in my back whilst reaching into the car to get my bag out. Pat was also feeling a bit sore as she had fallen over on Monday whilst her husband was out .

” Thank God for ARNI ” she exclaimed – “I remembered the training and got up straight away ”

I can’t describe how chuffed I was !!

My other client Gina started earlier this year . She is a bit older with a few health problems but enjoys working with the resistance bands . She used to stoop quite badly but is now able to keep her head up for most of the sermon on Sundays!

We had to stop training for two months while they were trying to sort out one of her numerous medications.

During that time she too had a fall – fortunately a soft landing , so we are now going to concentrate on getting up. We had a good first attempt last week with the help of her wonderful carer Wendy .

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer.

On a sad note , my “old” Personal Trainer died suddenly of a heart attack due to high blood pressure . As health/fitness professionals we tend to forget to check ourselves out – so look after yourselves please.

Sally Furnell