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This is the accompaniment to all Course Options below. We recommend that to save a huge amount of time and money, get a copy of the Successful Stroke Survivor manual & guide for stroke survivors from hereoptions icon1 - Course Options - Stroke Exercise Training. Click on the underlined text to find out how. It is the first of its kind: part-book and part-manual for those who have reached the end of formal therapy.

As many as 130 different evidence-based and innovative stroke rehabilitation and exercise strategies shown in flow diagram form for stroke survivors to try themselves.. There are also many effective stroke rehab tools, techniques & ‘tricks of the trade’ that families, carers and friends can apply or seek out in order to drive recoveries forward. This endorsed guide shows exactly WHAT TO DO, WHY AND HOW. It is the essential & effective road map for any stroke survivor, from the newly discharged to those further down the line.

This massive resource for stroke survivors and families has hundreds of reviews written about it. Importantly, it doesn’t even matter if the stroke survivor can’t read well yet/at all. The diagrams have proven to be enough to show what needs to be done by the stroke survivor, family, therapist & trainer to optimise chances of excellent recoveries.


This is the visual accompaniment to all Course Options below. We recommend that to save a huge amount of time and money, get a copy of the Successful Stroke Survivor DVD set for stroke survivors from hereoptions icon1 - Course Options - Stroke Exercise Training. Click on the underlined text to find out how. 

For the first time in 20 years, the best ARNI stroke survivor techniques and strategies have all been filmed and are now for purchase on DVD or instant access online streamingThe DVDs (physical or online streaming access) will show you the real tips and ‘tricks of the trade’ that you need after stroke.

Rehabilitate your balance control, cope with foot drop, get stronger, reduce spasticity, recover the ability to grasp & release objects and become self-reliant rather than dependent on othersNow you can learn this too, in your home, with Dr Tom as your personal teacher.


options icon1 - Course Options - Stroke Exercise Training11174552 10203829073158730 5841009899346288562 o - Course Options - Stroke Exercise TrainingLook for the help of an Instructor near you who can help you every week or for a number of days per week, in your own home. We have over 120 Instructors who have Accredited through the ARNI Qualification for you to access. Contact the Institute now for matching and assessment. Instructor rate is between £45-£55 per hourly session at your house, depending on the Instructor’s individual rate.

Now you know what we can offer you in terms of after-stroke support, you also need to be aware that the Institute is training Instructors all the time so if we can’t help you immediately with these Options, check back again asap. To find your nearest ARNI Trainer, wherever you live around the UK, please call 0203 053 0111. Please phone the ARNI Institute and discuss your situation.

You will be assisted to use the exclusive ARNI Institute-Accredited stroke rehabilitation and exercise matching and monitoring service provided or signposted to other agencies, charities, organisations, institutions, clinics, researchers, independent practitioners etc., as appropriate.


options icon1 - Course Options - Stroke Exercise Training There is the option of arranging a specialised one to one 1-day intensive re-training day with the ARNI Director, Dr Tom Balchin, himself, and his staff, at the ARNI Lingfield, Surrey. He will teach you (and your family members if available) the tricks of the trade you need to progress. Read Sample Testimonials below.

TOMBALCHIN - Course Options - Stroke Exercise TrainingWe know that some people may live in places where they simply cannot reach anyone who has been trained in ARNI techniques. If this is the case, or you want just to train intensively with the founder of the ARNI techniques based around your own diary, please email or call to arrange a one to one ONE-day course with the Director. This is done once or twice per month if possible, so call soon to book a place. This is all about massed practice – one of the most effective ways to train and learn. You will emerge having trained on the ‘edges of your current ability’ and with your very own bound stroke recovery training diary with suitable/appropriate exercises to do. Please read the article highlighted in link.

Day course cost is kept as low as possible – phone for details. ARNI Base is a 45 min direct train ride from Victoria station, London. If you live far from Surrey, you can spend 1 or 2 nights at the Lingfield Marriott (who also kindly host many of our courses) or at the Star Inn. Please click here to email for this service. We can then try and match you up with a trainer here, if appropriate.


options icon1 - Course Options - Stroke Exercise TrainingIf an instructor in your area cannot be found and you cannot come to the ARNI Centre due to mobility or geographical problems, a very popular option is to sponsor a local specialist instructor through the ARNI Qualification. We find the trainer, you sponsor, and they then can start work very quickly, paying back part-cost with free lessons.

This option is very popular in the UK right now because it’s an inexpensive option. The Stroke Association are currently using it in some areas to gain Instructors for groups. Lots of families and individuals are using it to get a dedicated Instructor when their therapy finishes. The Director of ARNI personally finds an experienced instructor who is on the NRPT register (and therefore able to fully insured via our collaboration with them: see Instructors page). This person may specialise in working with cardiac patients, may have experience with stroke already, may be working with rehabilitation with athletes, the elderly and/or diverse populations.

P1020669 - Course Options - Stroke Exercise TrainingThis popular Option costs £849 – 50% of which is paid back over time by your qualified Instructor via hourly sessions.

Herer’s how it works. ARNI finds the most suitable Instructor who is already working in the area, The family may request to meet the Instructor and once an Instructor is agreed upon for training, the Course Fee (£849) – see Instructors Page for more details) should be paid. The Instructor can start training with the stroke survivor during the latter stages of their Qualification Course.

This option is very suitable for those survivors and families who know that physio will end soon and need further support with someone dedicated to coming to their house. Others who take this idea up have become very frustrated with receiving no help in the community and need to do something about it. Email ARNI for more details