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Alan – age 6

(from Rosemary, his mother)

Now to Alan he is doing really well what I really noticed since we came home is that his attitude has improved, he does not seem to be hiding his right hand as much as he used to and even while watching T.V. he is working it sometimes I think without realising it.

He is doing his excercises a little more willingly but still wanders off on me all the time but hopefully this will improve with time as I have to keep reminding myself that he is 6 and his attention span is short. The experience for him and us was very positive and has renewed the hope we had when he was a baby.

The other children help with the excercises and encourage him along he talks very fondly of his trip to England and his party piece is now doing the Queen’s wave pulling the funny face for effect. I think meeting you made a big difference to him as I think he could identify with you better than children he has met at physio they were often in wheelchairs and had learning disabilities he had never never met anyone who had been through disability and over came it before.

I will write something for the newsletter and will send it to you so I hope to get a chance to do this next week and get Alan to sit down and contribute,

I have not forgotten your DvD you lent me so I will send all to you then. Thanks again Tom for giving Alan your time we all really appreciate it.


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