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Jeremy Kingdom

(on behalf of his mother, Mrs Suzanne Kingdom)

My name is Jeremy Kingdom and I am writing feedback for the Arnie project on behalf of my mother Mrs Suzanne Kingdom. My mother suffered a stroke in April 2013 and was admitted to hospital in Cardiff. Since then my mother was then admitted to a neurological – physiotherapy department at Neath/Port Talbot hospital where she spent 6 months recovering from the stroke. Whilst there she had regular physiotherapy and other help from occupational therapists to help her recover. After being discharged from hospital we then had a private physiotherapist come to the house once a week plus a weekly appointment with a NHS physiotherapist.

Whilst these other various therapies were of benefit to my mother’s recovery we have found as a family that the Arnie Programme that she is now involved in is of massive benefit. I have found that although the other therapies are in their own right very beneficial to patients there is a big comparison to the Arnie Project and these other therapies. The Trainers at the project, in particular David Francis are very professional and very knowledgeable in their understanding of the neurological affects and the recovery process of those affected by a stroke. I have found that David has an excellent way of relationship building with patients to make them feel comfortable within the Recovery Relationship and also has an outstanding ability to create confidence and motivation.

I have found that the Trainers at Arnie have a vast knowledge of techniques to aid patients which are of major benefit to the recovery of my mother. In particular, some of the techniques I observe are to teach the patient to be able to get up from the floor if they fall. Other techniques such as grasp and release, walking unaided, concentration skills, balance skills, various training techniques to build up strength and many more techniques. Also the Trainners provide an excellent training programme for my mother that she can follow at home which helps her strengthen her weak side affected by the stroke and also overall strength building exercises.

I have found through my own journey as a family member of a person who suffers a stroke that there are therapies out there that do a lot of good in helping those recovering from a stroke. I have found that although these therapies help those suffering from a stroke they do not compare to what I have experienced in observing my mother recover in the Arnie programme. Since my mother’s stroke I have always looked for all kinds of therapies to help her recover. I sadly say that in the 18 months of my journey helping my mother recover that there was no mention of the Arnie Programme and we stumbled on the Programme by sheer luck

I think that there should most definitely be much more publicity whether on television via a documentary of the programme or within the NHS or Local Health Authority. I can honestly say that the Arnie Programme is the “Therapy of Today” which is the way forward in helping those recover from a stroke. I really hope that my feedback to those who could make a difference in Promoting the Programme is valuable. If there is anything that I can do in further helping the Arnie Programme then please do not hesitate in contacting me.

All the Best in making the Arnie Programme Public and I hope that the Programme would run as part of an NHS scheme alongside the other therapies.
Yours Sincerely,
Jeremy Kingdom.

(Thank you Jeremy – and David Francis and your ARNI trainers in Wales – Tom)

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