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John Risely

ARNI training – February 2010

From Fran, John’s wife.

My husband John had a stroke 6 months ago and his right leg and walking has recovered very well. But his right arm and hand are not so good, with little movement.

We had a two day session with Tom recently and it was fabulous. Tom got John’s hand moving for the first time – it was my birthday, so rather a good present! He was very encouraging and understanding – he’s had a stroke and so knows what it feels like. We came back feel very fired up and inspired.

Tom set up an exercise programme for John that is easy to follow. He watches the video clips I took of the two days when he needs help. Tom has remained supportive and helpful from the first phone call and since the training. It’s a different approach to NHS physiotherapy as it focuses on task related work, ie getting the “bad” hand to start doing some work or at least thinking about it and reminding the brain it still exists.

When we looked at the ARNI web site we saw a lot of testimonials from young people, but John is 68 and the approach seems to work for him too.

John’s got aphasia and so has problems talking and writing at the moment so I’ve written this on his behalf, with his agreement. We would both like to thank Tom for all his positive help and guidance to date, we plan to be back for a refresher fairly soon.

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