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Paul Edgar

My name is Paul Edgar and on June 17th 2003 at the age of 21,I suffered a stroke. This left me with left sided paralysis. I was transfered to Kings Colledge Hospital,London from Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich, I underwent a six hour operation just Three days later.

After two weeks I was transfered to Frank Cooksey Re-hab unit for a further six weeks. I left there able to walk; But my left arm and hand I was still unable to use. It is now approaching a year since I had a seizure of which I have had four previous seizures resulting from the stroke.

I continued to have Physio at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup twice a week on trying to improve movement in my left hand. I have since had three lots of Botox injected into the muscles of my left arm to help relaxation of the muscles for Physio.

I heard about ARNI through a friend of mine passing on a leaflet to me whilst he was working at Swanley Market, I got in touch with Tom Balchin ( co- founder ) of the ARNI GROUP. We arranged to meet at Richmond in Surrey for an assessment of my situation. He then made arrangements for me to meet IAN BATES at EYNSFORD in the village hall This is near Dartford, I to date continue to have one to one sessions with Ian.

The ARNI GROUP uses Martial Arts movements to help with the progress of recovery, I also find it mentally relaxing, I have NOT found this exiting and unusual approach with any other group.

I am enjoying my sessions with Ian and feel that my left shoulder has gained more rotational movement. I am also working on my wrist, Hand grip and release by using a “JO” or Martial arts stick, I do this by twisting it around in different directions and positions, By using my right side to also do the exercises helps my mind to work better on my LEFT side.

I understand that progress will be slow; I do however! feel progress all the time, I also have a determination to get back as much movement as possible, Ian assures me I am going down the right track with my mental strength’s.( Ian has practised The Martial Arts for 20 years )

I have done some research on ARNI and found there is a very successful and ongoing history within the group.

Have a look at the website at WWW.ARNI.UK.COM

I aim to get back as much movement as possible and to get my driving licence back as soon as is possible, I would also like to get back to work and lead the life I used too before the stroke, I will achieve this by my own efforts and with the help of Ian and The unique ARNI method.

ARNI a unique way forward

written by Paul Edgar July 2005

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