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Steve Aarons

Hi Tom

Well, what can I say, my family and I have just had the most wonderful day with you and your instructors at Lingfield. You made us all feel so very welcome and inclusive.

Steve was a little apprehensive in coming to see you but things certainly changed when we got to you. We noticed that he was relaxed right from the start and we have not seen him work so hard for three years. It was so great to see. It was fantastic to see him trying hard and willing to try anything you said and to be quite honest astounded us with a couple of things. It seems that ARNI is just what Steve needs.

It was lovely to meet you and your instructors, each and every one of you spending your time to talk to us all, listening and caring, you all are quite wonderful people. We thought Steve may be a challenge to you but you didn’t tell us that at all, you just carried on training and teaching him and we thank you so much for that.

Steve has returned home quite positive, very weight conscious and right now getting ready to work on the ‘bar’ in the kitchen with everything you taught him yesterday. I’m popping out shortly to buy the tools you suggested and we’ll be working on sessions with these too.

We were overwhelmed when you invited us to return next week and we would be very happy to do that if the offer is still there. Hope to see you soon.

Kindest regards

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