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Rehab Prescription Webinar ARNI NR Times - DOES THE REHAB PRESCRIPTION REALLY IMPROVE SURVIVORS' LIVES? - Stroke Rehabilitation and Exercise Training for Survivors & Specialist Stroke Courses for Therapists and Trainers, Online and Face to Face

On Tuesday, September 28, from 6pm to 7pm, on the NR Times website, a webinar will be held to discuss what the Rehabilitation Prescription is achieving for patients, and what more could/should be done.

The impact so far of the Prescription, and its potential, will be assessed by four leading names from across neurorehab. The webinar, held by NR Times working alongside NRC Medical Experts, is the first in a series to analyse key issues in neurorehabilitation. The panel taking part in the webinar are:

  • Professor Mike Barnes, one of the UK’s most experienced neurorehabilitation experts
  • Dr Tom Balchin, founder of The ARNI Institute.
  • Sara Grimshaw, clinical specialist occupational therapist at Rehabilitate Therapy.
  • Hokman Wong, senior solicitor and brain injury specialist at Bolt Burdon Kemp.

The Rehabilitation Prescription is designed to give patients, GPs, case managers and everyone involved in an individual’s care a comprehensive overview of their immediate and longer-term neurorehabilitation requirements in one summary document, which acts as a guide to navigate the complexity of neurological disability.

The event will look at whether the Rehabilitation Prescription really is improving patients’ lives or whether, when the patient reaches the community, outside of the realm of NHS help, a rehabilitation prescription that can be used to guide ongoing rehabilitation, is part of standard current practice or not.

Certainly, rehabilitation prescriptions for stroke survivors which are updated as a patient advances in their don’t seem to happen at all. But it it would be invaluable for a patient to know that any therapist they work with can access a ‘passport’ containing up to date information on their rehabilitation needs, which can perhaps also be updated over time…

* The webinar is free to attend but registration is needed. There is also the opportunity to submit questions in advance. To register, visit here.


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