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David Banks- 2016

Having suffered a stroke 5 months earlier, I had become concerned by the lack of progress I was making.  I began looking for other resources that I could draw upon to supplement my Health Service Physiotherapy.  I was fortunate enough to come across the excellent book “THE SUCCESSFUL STROKE SURVIVOR” BY DR TOM BALCHIN.

I found the book to be a great resource of exercises, practical advice and inspiration.  I credit the book with helping me improve my ability to get around with less effort.  Having had positive results following Dr Balchin’s Advice in his book I decided to attend a one-day training course run by Dr Balchin.

Being based in Aberdeen and not having flown since my stroke it was quite an undertaking for me, however I am delighted to have made the effort because I found the day to be hugely beneficial in terms of how my recovery could be enhanced by Dr Balchin’s techinques and exercises.  There were 5 other therapists there to help me.

Subsequent to attending the course I received personally designed exercise program from DR Balchin that will allow me to maximise my recovery potential.

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