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North London Success Story

I had a severe stroke in February 2012 caused by a bleed on the brain. I spent about 2 weeks in a coma and as a result I lost the use my left leg and arm. I was in Hospital for 5 months before discharge.

In many respects I have been very lucky in that having spent 37 years in a Cavalry Regiment of the British Army and also volunteered and spent 3 years serving as a paratrooper with the airborne forces. So I have been reasonably fit and active all my life. This has all helped to give me a fairly robust view to adversity and a stronger mental approach towards what life can throw one’s way. To this must be added the invaluable help and encouragement given to me by my wife Elizabeth and family who have thought laterally to get round problems where and when they have cropped up.

In July 2014 a friend who had also had a stroke introduced me to Gabi and ARNI, for which I shall be forever grateful!! On my first meeting Gabi instantly gave me encouragement that my progress had not plateaued and has astonished me by the simplest changes that have made such a difference. With her depth of knowledge and skill and encouragement, my confidence and abilities have grown. She has been able to push me further over the last year, and that, and the many progressive exercises she has shown me, are helping me enormously.

I am much stronger and more confident in my ability do things which others do as a matter of course. Such as going up and down awkward steps that have no handrails and going into strange environments, and even being able to get up from the floor! Most people also remark as to how well I look and seem.

In summary, my year spent with Gaby has left me far better prepared to face life’s challenges. The exercises I have been given have been progressively made more challenging so that I feel that I can continue to achieve more generally.

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