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I first met Gabi towards the end of September 2015, after being in hospital for almost 6 months. Even though I hadn’t had a stroke, I was recommended ARNI for physiotherapy rehabilitation.

Spending the previous six months, laying in bed with hardly any physio, meeting Gabi was a breath of fresh air. From the very start she has given me confidence and hope, and had me on my feet from the very first session! Her knowledge of medical matters is vast, and this coupled with her infectious confidence made me feel better from the beginning. Gabi is much more than a physical therapist, she is interested in your whole well being and has recommended and carried out many complimentary therapies.

What Gabi has given me and my family is immeasurable. I look forward to her visits (even though it’s hard work!) and thanks to Gabi, I look forward to the future with hope.

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