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64 years old, after 10 months of weekly 1 hr training.

Jeremy – ARNI Training gives a new lease of life

I had a lot of physical exercises to do – many of which I learned to practise at home. My mobility is better now. I walk better, without a limp most of the time. This class has helped me to understand how important it was to practise everything I’ve been through. No pain no gain attitude. I’ve learned how to protect myself if I’ve had a fall – ie how to fall safely. How to manoeuvre oneself on the floor into a position to get up again without any help from people. This takes away the fear of falling especially when alone. Hand massage and exercises has helped with picking things up and learning to grasp objects again. I can now lift a whole mug of water to drink with my weak hand. Before, I could not lift my hand onto the table.
My posture has now also improved, but I still need more work on my right shoulder. Breathing exercises has helped with my anxiety following stroke. The class has been helpful to me I see other people with similar problems. This gives encouragement to me and others who may have just commenced the course. We learn from each other. Its also a nice social interaction with others. I like going there every week. I also think that Dr Tom does a very good job. He is very friendly and patient with everyone. His method of teaching is relaxed, and he also includes everybody no matter what stage of their stroke.

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