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Liam Waters

This following message is from Liam’s dad:

Hi.I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my son Liam.
In July 2011 he had a massive stroke which was a result of severe heart condition. This left him paralysed on his left side. During his time in critical care he underwent very limited rehab due to being on a heart machine. Therefore for approx 5 months he could not exercise and lostsome crucial time straight after stroke.
After leaving hospital he had a course of physiotherapy from our local authority,which was very good and got his walking stronger and his left arm moving.
But as with lots of stroke survivors his left hand had no movement.
After 12 weeks the physio was stopped and we were left to find our own alternatives.

With Liam being only 18 when he had a stroke we felt he needed to find younger stroke survivors for him to be able to relate better. When a friend told us about ARNI we got in touch and made an appointment. We weren’t quite sure what to expect but were open minded.
We went to meet up with Tom in Lingfield and after intro’s Liam was shown a whole range of exercises and techniques to improve arm ,leg and hand function.
The day went very well and Liam came away tired but much more optomistic.
Before that day Liam had been very depressed and felt he would never be able to use his hand again.After meeting Tom and seeing what he had achieved
Liam is much more positive and now has the belief he can do the same if he uses the ARNI methods.We have been back again and had another great day.
The follow up was very good and Tom’s always on hand with advise if needed.
As Liam’s parents it was a great relief to us to know that with some hard work he can live a relatively normal life.

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