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Tony Ledger

Hi Tom,

I have been to see my brother Tony today who spent the day with you and your team on Thursday. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the difference you have made to both him and his wife Lisa. I spoke to him on Thursday evening and he sounded so upbeat and said he had had a brilliant day. He said he had done loads of things and he loved every minute of it. I told him it was not my idea of a great day out.

On a serious note he told me he had got so much from the day and how much confidence it had given him. I think he surprised himself and your team with what he could do and again this was a massive boost for him. Lisa said she was so glad she could go with him as she was able to see just how much Tony can already do but also what it is safe for him to do moving forward. I am sure you understand she has been very worried about him overdoing it and causing more problems, but she now feels very confident in his ability.

I had a really long chat with him today and he told me all about the day. It certainly sounded very comprehensive and very challenging. Tony had so many positive things to say about you, the team and what the day had meant to him but two things stood our for me. He said it was nice to be treated as a “normal” person again and the other thing was he was only looking to the future and the past has gone. I have always loved and admired my brother but his strength of character so far on this long journey ahead has amazed me.

I know that he was inspired by you and spending time with somebody who has a real understanding of the challenges he faces but has overcome them and gone on to do so much with there life like you really gave him hope for the future. I am so grateful that you were able to see him so quickly as yesterday he had his first visit from the physiotherapist. He was utterly disgusted as she was there about half an hour asked him some questions, made him stand on one leg looked at the sheet the hospital had given him and left. No offer of a “training” program or joining a group. Once again thanks to you he has clear guidance on what he needs to do now to help himself. We said today imagine if he had not had your manual and spent the day with you what chance of a recovery would he have had? He has waited two and a half weeks for a supposed urgent referral and this is what got, absolutely nothing.

Tony said he is coming back to see you in April and said that there is no charge, if there is please tell me as I don’t want him to pay. He also said he will do a testimonial for the website so I will sort this out for him when he decides what he wants to say.

I feel so thankful that I found your website and sincerely appreciate what you have done for him. I will share this information whenever I get a chance to do so as everybody deserves the best possible chance to recover and I genuinely believe your organisation can offer that.

Best wishes, Lorna

From Tony:

Tony 57

Having very recently suffered a stroke that left me with right sided weakness I was left completely unsupported by the NHS. By chance we found the ARNI Institute on the internet and I am very glad we did.
Last week I spent a day with Tom and his trainers. They worked me really hard throughout the day, gave me lots of very useful tips and information and I came away with a program of exercises and feeling much more confident about my future. My wife came with me and she said that she was surprised at what I was able to do and how much reassurance it had given her in terms of what I should be doing moving forward.
It was a really good day and I found it very valuable. I would recommend this day to anybody else that has had a stroke.

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