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I know now that I have left Arni my continuing recovery does not mean much but today I did something amazing that I have to tell everyone about. Since March we have been working in this modern building where access is via some bridges suspended over a sort of stream so getting to the front door is fraught with danger because one slip and you could be swimming for your life in freezing water. it’s usually very slippery especially when it rains. . I usually walk at either end, holding on to the railings for stability but today I thought I would try something new as I have been doing leg lifts with my “baby” dumbells suspended from my ankle as I think my ankle is very weak. I wasnt wearing my brace either. To cut a long story short, I walked to and from the bridge, walking in the middle without any support from the railings. It was a fantastic feeling to realise that my ankle was strong enough to support me. I am still on a high!


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