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(from Sharon)

My husband, Stephen, had a stroke in January 2011 when he was 50. It resulted in Right sided weakness, whilst he has good gross movement and strength in his right arm, fine movements remain a challenge; in addition he has significant foot drop and weakness in his right leg and currently walks with a stick. Stephen is also aphasic. As with any stroke survivor that day in January changed his life in so many ways.

We spent a day with Tom, the best thing we could possibly have done. Tom is an incredibly motivating individual and where he is a stroke survivor Stephen was able to fully relate to him; he got so much out of the day. Not only did he open up about how the stroke made him feel, the techniques he was shown allowed him to feel more positive about his ongoing recovery and future. He came away from the day buzzing and looking forward to continuing the exercises at home. We are so grateful that we found ARNI and Stephen would strongly recommend it to fellow stroke survivors. As the wife of a stroke survivor I would like to say thank you to Tom for giving Stephen hope for his future! I also recommend his book and manual Successful Stroke Survivor highly to anyone who has had a stroke.

My husband and I have set up a group for stroke survivors of working age, we have recently held a fund raising event to raise money to sponsor two people to attend ARNI Instructors training and also to fund members who have not been able to fund and benefit from one to one sessions with Tom.

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