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Mat Head

Initial training Session with Tom at ARNI, followed by 3 free training days at ARNI Central spaced out during 2014 (example, below). Mat has also taught on the ARNI FRETS Course and attended at the RSM ARNI Stroke Technologies Conference. He is a total star.

Mat 35 from Brighton.
After suffering my stroke during a craniotomy in January 2013 I woke to complete paralysis of my left side. 2 months later I was discharged from hospital still restricted to a wheelchair although able to walk very short distances with the quad stick and climb small flights of steps using the hand rail. Having been a personal trainer / strength & conditioning coach since 2001 my rehabilitation has been massively helped by my previous physical condition, motivation and extensive knowledge of training methods, exercises and progression.
I have now completed 2 days with Dr Tom and his ARNI instructors. Each time I have found myself challenged physically as they really know the boundries of stroke rehabilitation and so are uniquely able to explore every individual’s limitations and needs.
I have left both sessions full of enthusiasm and with many new ideas, techniques and progressions to play with and further my recovery..
Thanks Tom, bring on the next day!!

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