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Sue attended the RSM ARNI Stroke Technologies Conference 2014 and had just been discharged by the community team a few weeks before. She was marched with an ARNI INSTRUCTOR (an occupational therapist) and she also came to free training day at ARNI – ENTRY ONLY TO PATIENTS WHO HAVE ATTENDED ONE TO ONE ALL-DAY TRAINING SESSIONS WITH DR TOM AND TEAM AT ARNI LINGFIELD.

Wednesday was amazing and I seem to be even more motivated since !!!!!!!….if that is possible : )

Trainers and stroke survivors meeting up and sharing experiences.
Learning from others how to overcome and deal with different issues you have as a result of a stroke.

Survivors did a range of exercises watched over by their allocated trainer for the session. Tom circulated and spent a few minutes with everyone and gave us advice on exercises to add to our programmes, highlighting the areas, obvious to the experienced eye, that need to be concentrated on.

Everyone had a common desire to improve. It was a very happy and uplifting day which left me eager to get on with it.

Good to meet you again an get another dose of your very infectious enthusiasm and encouragement to raise the bar and put in the effort to achieve their goals.

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