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Trevor Router

Testimonial from Valerie – Wife of Trevor Router

In October 2011 Trevor was diagnosed with a brain tumour (acoustic neuroma). Many months went by and Trevor had lost his ability to walk, relied on a stair lift and any enthusiasm to enjoy life had gone. All Trevor did was sit in a chair and watch TV. He had no interest in even answering the phone or using his computer. Prior to him suffering from the brain tumour he loved to play the tuba, but due to the deterioration in his breathing he was also unable to play.

In November 2012 I contacted a friend who worked at the Stroke Association who recommended ARNI and this led to me contacting Scotty. On the 23rd November 2012 Scott came and started with Trevor and began a programme of 2-3 sessions per week.

The change in Trevor by Christmas was greater than we could have ever imagined. Trevor was walking around the home with his frame, and his co-ordination was noticeably improving despite the tumour not reducing in size.

In late January things really started to come together. Scotty got a reluctant Trevor walking outside with his frame and within the house unaided. Trevor is also now able to get up and down the stairs independently without his stair lift. Trevor is now capable of getting up and down from the floor by himself that has allowed Scotty to add floor exercises to sessions.

Trevor’s interaction and conversations with Scotty has lead to him once again wanting to answer the phone and he wants to see his friends. Trevor is simply a different person from last year and it all thanks to Scotty’s hard work and professional advice. Last week (now in February 2013) thanks to Scotty’s persistent encouragement he turned on the computer again, wet shaved, helped with cooking and washed up.Scotty has made an enormous difference to Trevor’s life. A difference noticed by our family, friends and at our must recent checks up at the GP surgery. Trevor’s GP has asked us to send a well-done message to Scotty as he too is overwhelmed by the improvements.

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